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Sacred Mayan Journey Channel Crossing

Travesía Sagrada Maya - Sacred Mayan Journey An annual tradition re-established in 2006 to showcase the world of Mayan culture and restore the values of respect and love for Mother Earth. Typically at least 300 traditionally dressed Mayan canoeists aboard more than 30 hand-powered, wooden dugout canoes participate in the crossing from Xcaret (Polé) to Cozumel (Cuzamil) where the Sacred Crossing Mayan ritual is conducted near the lagoon of Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. CLICK HERE to Read More About Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park!

At least 50 artists perform the welcoming ritual, impersonating the priest and islanders who danced and made offerings of food and drink to the sound of the conch horn and rhythmic. The re-enactment stages moments that occurred in Mayan history from 1250 to 1519 AD and culminates with the priest speaking with Mother Moon and listening to her prophetic words in the sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel.

Celebrating the Goddess Ixchel on Cozumel Island= The message recieved by the priest and known as the Oracle of the Goddess Xchel was “Harmony and conscience with nature and the world." Then in the performance, the god of death, Ah Puch, appears to signal that time has stopped but Ixchel in her guise of the old, wise counselor, restores cosmic order and balance and the beginning of a new baktun (144,000 days) is underway.

The next day the canoes leave Cozumel and return to Playa del Carmen (Xamanhá) to deliver the message of fertility, prosperity and hope. This event recreates one (1) of the oldest traditions of the Mayan culture. The pilgrimage was made year after year with the Mayans coming to Cozumel to worship the goddess Ixchel at the temples of San Gervasio. Please CLICK HERE to Read More About San Gervasio Mayan Ruin Site!

As the tradition grows again in Cozumel, ceremony venues change frequently (AND they reverse the route!) but are well publicized in the weeks prior. Currently various ceremonies are held at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park and at the lighthouse on the southwest coast at Playa Caletita near the freight ferry pier area. For the detailed program of the event, please CLICK HERE for the Sacred Mayan Journey Website

Past Sacred Mayan Journey Channel Crossing Photos

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