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Cozumel Carnaval Photos

Join Us for Cozumel Carnaval Each Year!We are proud to say that Cozumel Insider was the FIRST website to publish an extensive gallery of Cozumel Carnaval photos as well as an accurate Calendar of Events in English for Carnaval in advance so as to allow more travelers the chance to plan their vacation time to be here in Cozumel for the festivities.

Since the Cozumel Carnaval Photo Gallery began in 2003, it's been our pleasure to attend as many Cozumel Carnaval events as possible and take pictures to post so that "would be" visitors have a good idea of what all goes on during these weeks. We've sure had a lot of fun over the years participating in Carnaval and sharing these pictures with you. We've met alot of new island visitors each Carnaval and made tons of memories to last a lifetime!

So sit back, relax and browse our Cozumel Carnaval gallery of photos and just imagine yourself here in Cozumel participating next time! If you missed this year, come join us next year as Cozumel Carnaval is bound to be even bigger and better than ever! And who knows ~ you just might be in our next Carnaval photo gallery!!

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Photos from Carnaval 2014 - Introduction of King & Queen Candiates
Pre-Carnaval 2014 activities officially began Saturday night February 1 as thousands of Cozumel Carnaveleros gathered at the large, outdoor auditorium of Moby Dick to begin the month long competition to elect the official King and Queen of Carnaval, King and Queen of Alegria as well as the King and Queen of Fantasia for 2014. In addition the Teen King & Queen of Carnaval 2014 candidates were on hand as well as this year's Special King and Queen of Carnaval.

Outside the auditorium, it was clear from the traffic jam, transit police and long ticket lines that Carnaveleros were coming out enforce to the opening event. This being the first Carnaval presided over by Cozumel's new Presidente Fredy Marrufo Martin, everyone was eager to show their support of the new administration and see the live concert afterward by Elvis Crespo.
The host for Carnaval 2014, Mr. Spectacular himself, Sr. Fernando Ferraez, took the stage in a light pink statin and sequin jacket and matching top hat accented with feathers. Ferraez spoke to a sell-out crowd welcoming everyone and encouraging all to participate in this year's festivities as Carnavaleros!

After watching a performance by the Cozumel Carnaval Ballet 2014, Sr. Ferraez recognized Cozumel's Presidente Fredy Marrufo Martin and then "Fredy" gave a rousing speech to animate the crowd. Fredy invited everyone in the community to join in and enjoy Carnaval 2014 by attending all the marvelous events planned and take advantage of the chance to see the incredible line up of musical talent slated to be here in the coming weeks for Carnaval. Marrufo then closed his remarks by acknowledging Cozumel's enduring Carnavelero Spirit as well as assuring everyone that Carnaval 2014 will be filled with spectacular events despite the constraints of the island's economic difficulties. The full house crowd of Carnavaleros then showed their support with a big round of applause.

Host Ferraez then welcomed the past King and Queen of Carnaval 2014 Peter and Rosemery and asked them to say a few words and share a dance to help excite the crowd. As each addressed the crowd, it was clear that both the King and Queen were grateful to have been Cozumel Royalty for the past year and had wonderful memories to share for years to come. They each wished all of this year's candidates the best of luck then broke into a lively impromptu salsa amidst supportive clapping and clamoring of the crowd. Once the current royalty had all been acknowledged, it was time to get to know the King and Queen candidates for 2014.

To get things started concerning the competitions, Ferraez first introduced the candidates for Kid's King and Queen: Angel Quinones Tun for King and Leslie Martinez Carrillo as Queen candidate. Each had a few nervous minutes to tell the crowd why they should be elected and were all cute as they could be.

After this Host Ferraez then introduced the Teen King and Queen candidates:
Luis Mendoza and Miguel Angell Gonzales Gongora for King followed by Estefany Herrera and Diana Noemi Chan as Queen candidates. Once they were all on the stage, Ferraez then introduced the designated Emperors of Carnaval 2014 who received standing applause from the crowd in recognition of their many years as a grand Carnavaleros. The Carnaval 2014 Emperors will be Patricio Zapata Villanueva ("Patolin") and Victoria del Carmen Zetina Gonzalez ("Gui Gui").

Once the Emperors were announced, Cozumel's Presidente and First Lady took the stage to announce a new category of King and Queen for Carnaval. She indicated that the Cozumel community must increase its awareness and sensitivity to those with physical and mental challenges and that Cozumel must do all it can to facilitate their needs and make them feel cherished and comfortable in our city. What better way to do this she said than by initiating a Special King and Queen of Carnaval category just for them and with this she announced Leslie Salinas Villanueva Cuchi and Sergio Coral Burgos as the Special King and Queen of Carnaval 2014. Both Leslie and Sergio joined Fredy and the First Lady on stage for a quick dance which was applauded by all.

Then Sr. Ferraez began introducing the 6 enthusiastic candidates who have stepped forward this year to compete for the titles of King Queen of Carnaval 2014!

All three Queen candidates, Nadia Alonzo, Leslie Can and Amanda Meneses spoke a few words to the crowd about their desire to be Cozumel's Queen of Carnaval 2014 and each made a lively dance around the stage to rouse the crowd. Host Ferraez then introduced the 3 candidates for King of Carnaval 2014. As with the Queen candidates, Adrian Alvarado, Ricardo Gamboa and Miguel Chan were given the opportunity to address the crowd and explain why they wanted to be Cozumel's King of Carnaval 2014.

Each of the candidates spoke of their own personal history as Carnavaleros, their devotion to preserving Carnaval as an island tradition and assured the crowd that if elected they would represent Cozumel with enthusiasm, dedication and hard work to ensure Carnaval 2014 is a lasting memory for everyone. After each candidate spoke, all the candidates then returned to the stage together and danced as they encouraged the crowd to stand and dance and participate with applause. At the same time, campaign supporters of each candidate passed through the crowded auditorium and flooded Carnavaleros with posters and gimmicks trying to attract a vote for their candidate in the coming election.

The Event Host Ferraez then closed the evening's events with another call for everyone to become "Carnavaleros" this month and participate in Carnaval 2014 to help make it a spectacular and memorable event! He then introduced the Puerto Rican Salsero "Elvis Crespo in Concert" to the rambunctious and excited sell-out crowd of Carnavaleros who enthusiastically began the Carnaval 2014 season by dancing until 4am.

?Did you see ME there? Hope so!!

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