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Chapelwood’s VolunTOURism ~ Singing...Serving...Sailing
To ring in the New Year this January 2nd, Cozumel Volunteer Connection was pleased to assist and help coordinate another cruise ship group VolunTOURism event benefiting churches and mission groups of Cozumel.

Wesley Choir Singing at Bible Donation
Through their loving generosity this New Year's weekend, the Youth Choir Group of Houston’s United Methodist Church has brought hope and inspiration to several Cozumel churches and mission groups in need of Spanish language Bibles for their congregations.

With it's 88 member group, Chapelwood's Wesley Choir donated over 175 new, Spanish language Bibles to Cozumel churches and mission groups. In addition to bringing Bibles with them, Wesley Choir also donated US$500 to be used for the purchase of even more Spanish language Bibles to help churches and mission groups spread the word of God throughout the island.

Wesley Choir Spanish Bible Donation
As part of a holiday mission tour via cruise ship, the Wesley Choir group had been planning their Cozumel day visit for several months and accumulating the Bibles and funds to be donated. Chankanaab Park played host to the donation ceremony where the Wesley Choir shared their gift of song with everyone, donated the Bibles and met with various recipient church Pastors and Mission Ministers which included Vida Abundante and Mision Maranatha.

Following the donation ceremony, the Choir group enjoyed spending a relaxing afternoon at Chankanaab Park and participating in dolphin activities.

Wesley Choir Director Donating BiblesWesley Choir Singing @ Bible PresentationWesley Choir with Church Pastors Receiving Bibles

More about Wesley Choir and Cozumel Volunteer Connection

ACS is now Cozumel Volunteer ConnectionAssociate Director of Music for Chapelwood, Mr. Bob Lindsey, contacted Cozumel Volunteer Connection over 6 months in advance with his request for ideas and assistance from Cozumel Volunteer Connection in planning the day's service/mission activities for his youth choir group. In Houston prior to departing for Cozumel, the fundraising effort for purchasing the Spanish language Bibles had to be planned and executed as well as the actual purchase of the Bibles themselves to bring to Cozumel.

In Cozumel prior to Wesley Choir's arrival, Cozumel Volunteer Connection located and secured a venue for the group to sing as well as make their presentation of the Bibles. CVC contacted local church and mission representatives to be on hand to receive the Bible donation and coordinated dolphin activities and snorkeling for group members following their mission service event.

What is the Wesley Choir at Chapelwood Methodist Church in Houston, Texas?

Choir is one of several music segments of a youth ministry program at Chapelwood Methodist Church in Houston. They are "a dynamic loving family, within the Chapelwood community, where youth are wrapped in a blanket of acceptance, are forming lasting relationships and are fired up to discover, feed, share and live their faith in Jesus Christ."

For more information about Chapelwood Methodist or Wesley Choir visit their website:
Chapelwood United Methodist Church

Cozumel Volunteer Connection says "A BIG TEXAS THANK YOU!" to the Wesley Choir Group of Chapelwood Methodist in Houston for their desire to help Cozumel churches and mission groups and for allowing Volunteer Connection the opportunity to help coordinate and plan their volunTOURism day here in Cozumel!

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