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Cozumel Transportation - Taxi Colectivos Service
One of Cozumel's best kept transportation secrets is theColecitvo Van system. These "joint collective taxis" are small vans that run various routes throughout Cozumel similar to the City's big public buses.

The Taxi Colectivo Vans are from City buses in two ways ~

1. The Colectivos are vans
2. The Colectivos are operated by members of taxi union

Back in "the day" when Cozumel did not have a reliable public BUS system, the local taxi union worked with the City to develop these inexpensive taxi van routes. Notice the white van color with red striping indicates the vans are all part of the taxi union.

The Taxi Colectivo Vans are from regular taxis in three ways ~

1. The Colectivos are ride vans ~ other people will be picked up / dropped along the route
2. are fixed for the entire route ~ riders should check as they board the taxis
3. The van are pre-determined along the routes in other words riders cannot request to be dropped anywhere other than the designated stops themselves. Most of the routes are on major streets. Depending on your destination you will want to choose the route that will stop closest to the location you wish to go.

This is a good, safe and inexpensive means of getting around the city.

As with the public buses now, there are many, many routes but Insider provides below a few of the more essential routes that might be helpful to visitors. Again, check the windshield of the vehicle for stops along the route.

Taxi Colectivo Essential Information ~

Terminal Drop Off/Pick Up: Chedraui Plaza
Information: Stops are written on the windshield of each colectivo van
Interval at a Stop: 20-30 minutes
: $ 6 pesos

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Looking for a CHEAP city tour?? This would be it!! Why not just jump in a Colectivo and ride the full circuit of its route to see the "real" Cozumel? Just remember ~ IT'S NOT A don't act like a tourist, OK!? ;-)
Taxi Colectivo Van Route: #7
Chedraui Plaza
Centro (Downtown)
Avenida 15
Taxi Colectivo Van Route: San Miguel 1 y 2
Chedraui Plaza
Centro (Downtown)
Moby Dick
Super Maz
Route Stops
Taxi Colectivo Van Route: San Miguel 1 y 11
Corner of Andres Quintana Roo and Av. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell
South on Av PJ Coldwell
East on C 25 Sur
South on 65 Ave
West on 35 Sur-33 Sur
West on 14 North
South on 15 Av Sur
East on Andres QR.
MAP of route
Taxi Colectivo Van Route: # 6
10 Ave
CTM Maravilla
San Gervacio
E. Zapata
Centro (Downtown)
Chedraui PlazaBR>
Taxi Colectivo Van Route: Transversal-Ranchitos

North on 10 Ave @ 11
East on Ave AGF
South on Av Pedro Joauquin Coldwell
East on Juarez all the way down transversal to Mezcalitos.
Mezcalitos down Juarez to Ave 95 bis sur.
North on 95
West on 14 North
South on 65 Ave to 11 back to 10 Ave.
MAP route transversal ranchitos
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