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Cozumel Island Cuisine Cooking - Tasting Session
The Island Cuisine Cooking Tasting sessions offer the students to sample of a variety of items in a particular food category. Topics can include salsas and sauces, ceviches, and local sweetbreads or others upon request such as wines or local cheeses.

The chef will demonstrate preparation of the basics that accompany every traditional meal of this region: salsa, guacamole and refried beans and homemade tortilla chips. A dessert of Candied Sweet Papaya is also served when fruit is in season and available. Soft drinks and water are provided with a selection of alcoholic beverages that are available for purchase.

There will be ample time in the kitchen for an overview and discussion by the instructor as well as questions & answers before gathering together with your fellow classmates around the table to enjoy the delicious, mouth-watering fruits that were prepared.

Popular choices for Tasting sessions include these suggestions or you may contact us with your special request:

Parade of Salsas - With at least sixty (60) different types of chiles grown throughout Mexico, salsas are a compliment to every meal in this region. Sample a variety of dazzling salsas of both green and red varieties prepared by different methods and served with fresh homemade tortilla chips.

Ceviche Mixtos - A crisp, fresh-tasting method for Mayans/Islanders of preparing various types of seafood. Sample a variety of seafood including shrimp, conch & octopus prepared in this fashion in order to differentiate tastes of the different seafoods when prepared in this fashion. Ceviches are served with fresh homemade tortilla chips and crackers.

Island Pastries - With over twenty-five (25) privately owned bakeries on the island this is a "sweets" lover's delight! Sample freshly baked pastries prepared by traditional bakers of the island who use locally available fruits and sugars to highlight their convections. [recipes not available for this category]

What better way to spend a vacation day in a foriegn land than understanding the most basic element of it's culture?

Activity Specifics

Name: Cozumel Island Cuisine Cooking - Tasting Session
Provider: Island Cuisine Cooking
Availability: June 1 - November 15 - Minimum 3 people required
Includes: The Tasting sessions also include soft drinks and water. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.
Schedule: Offered by Advance Reservation Only ~
Class Sessions are 2 - 3 hours depending on class size ~
Times Offered are Flexible ~
Class Locations Vary But Are Always Convenient
Pricing: Individual/Private Classes of 1 - 2 persons: US$ 95 per person
Classes for Groups 3 -10 persons: US$75 per person

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Personal Experiences
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A quick note to say how much our entire family enjoyed the Island Cuisine "Parade of Salsas" cooking class! The recipes were demonstrated and explained well by the instructor and all of the helpful tips provided in the demonstrations have really come in handy now that we are back home and using your cook book. Everything we prepared was delicious and the best part was sharing the salsas afterward as we relaxed by the pool. The class was great and we can't wait to come back and try the Main Course class next time! Thanks again for a great experience for our family. L Byars ~ Dallas TX

Our Family took both Island Cuisine Cooking Classes and we learned several basic salsas and entree items. We were able to add new Mexican dishes to our table at home. Sherri, offers wonderful cooking classes for couples, friends, and families that want to learn about Mexican Cuisine. We learned to make Mango Black Bean Salsa, which is a wonderful treat with chips, baked chicken or as a summer salad. We prepared fresh Pico de Gallo and Salsa Verde just like Mexican Restaurants. We, also discovered how to make a traditional Chicken Pibil. We enjoyed eating all of the wonderful food that was created in class. These authentic Mexican Dishes have been added to our Family Cookbook. Art, Pam & Andrea ~ Portland, Oregon
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