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Cozumel Fox Hill Underwater Video ~ The Beauty of Cozumel
Enjoy Fox Hill's stunning underwater photography with Cozumel Insider Exclusive Edition ~ The Beauty of Cozumel videos! These digitally filmed and edited videos are shot entirely on location in Cozumel and feature the best footage from hundreds of dives on Cozumel's incredible coral reefs as well as some of the unique sights of the island. These Cozumel Insider Exclusive Edition ~ The Beauty of Cozumel videos are forty-three (43) minutes in length and include a wildlife identification sequence as well. These make outstanding souvenirs of your Cozumel vacation experience!

Videos/DVDs are available for pick up from our office during your visit. However, reserving your copy in advance of arrival is recommended as "on hand" stocks are limited.

Enjoy a short preview of this beautifully filmed video! Video may take a while to load depending on connection speed (~5.2MB)

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Item Specifics

Name: Cozumel Fox Hill Underwater Video ~ The Beauty of Cozumel
Provider: Fox Hill
Pricing: US$ 25
Restrictions: Please allow five (5) days advance notice for video/DVD pick up.

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The material presented was so much more than I would expect. Everything was explained clearly. The manner in which it was taught made the concepts easy to understand and follow. I learned a tremendous amount and I look forward to significantly improving my photographic efforts and experience. Fox Hill Underwater Photography Class Ryan Meglathery ~ Not Given

As a published underwater photographer with 15 years experience, I was amazed by how much I learned from your underwater photo course. Your depth of knowledge, friendly teaching style and technical tips made the day a great investment for me. I would highly recommend your course! Thank you! Fox Hill Underwater Photography Class M. Cowman ~ Fla

It is clear you have a love of teaching as an art in addition to photography... My expectations for this course were only slightly more than: This is a camera, point at fish, shoot...However, this course was outstanding and could appropriately be titled: An Introduction to Becoming a Professional Photographer. Fox Hill Underwater Photography Class Rory Tucker ~ Not Given
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