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Detailed Cozumel Island & Reef Creatures Maps
All Franko Maps of Cozumel and the Franko fish cards are printed on durable synthetic paper so that they are waterproof and rip-proof and virtually indestructible! The Franko fish cards are then laminated as well to make them hard and rugged for use. This durable plastic paper is just right for use while touring the island, walking around town, hiking on the beach or under water while diving or snorkeling because they are informative and helpful yet rugged enough for vacation use! The Franko Cozumel map and fish cards are a "must have" for those exploring Cozumel and they make an excellent lasting momento of a vacation remembered!

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Cozumel Island & Reef Map by Franko Maps
This is the first of a series of Caribbean Maps that started in October of 2003. This most recent edition was reviewed and edited by Cozumel islanders and is re-published regularly so as to be current and up-to-date!

Cozumel is an island just off the Yucatan Peninsula of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Franko Map of Cozumel features a layout of Isla de Cozumel based on nautical charts and aerial photos. Cozumelís roads, Maya ruins, resorts and other features are shown on side one.
Franco's Cozumel Island Map

Most importantly, is the location and detailed descriptions of over 55 scuba diving and snorkeling sites for which Cozumel has itís prestige and fame. It is noteworthy to say that Cozumel boasts some of the most outstanding scuba diving on earth. One could claim that as many as five of the top ten scuba sites in the world are along Cozumelís leeward (west) side. The descriptions of these underwater walls, coral pinnacles and buttresses and coral gardens is briefly told for each one, and then on side two of the map there is a drawing and descriptions of these features in general. The Franko Map of Cozumel also shows a number of dive sites on the windward side of Cozumel.

For those who are interested, Cozumel also has a trio of notable surf spots, which are located on the map. Cannons, anchors and other artifacts are found in the waters of Cozumel. The Franko Map of Cozumel shows a sampling of these items dating from the Sapanish exploration era onward. Maya ruin sites, where there still can be found beautiful examples of former great cites in Cozumelís interior are also located on this map. Some folks travel to Cozumel just to see the ruins.

Since much of Cozumel is a Marine Park (Marine Parque Arricefes De Cozumel), it is certain that this map fits right into our love of the underwater world. It also follows that no Franko Map which caters to a beautiful island and itís diving would be complete without local reef creature information. In fact, the finishing touch on side one of the Franko Map of Cozumel is the Caribbean reef creatures guide. This data includes over 100 species of fish, invertebrates, corals and sponges, depicted in full color with names for easy identification. This includes everything from green sea and hawksbill turtles to white-spotted eagle rays, trumpetfish, blacktip reef sharks, and longspine squirrelfish. It also includes mountainous star coral, finger coral, sheet coral, sea fans, and the one coral feared by divers and snorkelers - fire coral. The favorite of all of Cozumelís undersea creatures is itís own unique Cozumel splendid toadfish. This beautiful depiction of Cozumel's fabulous undersea life is a combination of carefully drawn artwork, intermingled with underwater photography that has been blended into the artwork.

Side two of the Franko Map of Cozumel features a couple of zoom-ins and a Cozumel Reefs explanation and artwork. The first feature is a map of Greater San Miguel, which covers much of the west coast, from the Cozumel Country Club on the north to Chankanaab Marine National Park on the south. Chankanaab Park is also show in an enlarged detail. The locations of the dive spots defined on side one are more closely shown here. A few undersea photos of the reefs and sights highlight this map. Although this detail shows many of the hotels and resorts along Cozumelís leeward side, the City of San Miguel itself deserves an even closer detail. And thus the detail called A Detailed Map of Downtown San Miguel was created. Many of Cozumelís original dive shops are located in this detail, along with the cityís main features, such as the cruise ship terminals, the route to the airport, Plaza San Miguel, hotels, and even grocery stores. A picture of a statue of the archangel San Miguel (Saint Michael), which was photographed at Cozumelís beautiful San Miguel Church, shows exactly what this fine city was named after. This city map and the details on the other parts of the map make getting around on Cozumel via car, vespa, bike, or walking easy. Also included is a section on Coral Reefs detail,a Cozumel Coral Garden, such as might be found at Santa Rosa Shallows or Paradise Reef.

The Franko Map of Cozumel is a must have for anyone visiting or diving at Cozumel.

Printed on waterproof, rip-proof plastic.
Available folded or flat with no creases suitable for framing.
All New Map size: 25.5" x 16.5" !!!
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 Cozumel Island Map & Reef Creature Identification Cards
Beautifully drawn and virtually indestructible Franko Cozumel Map and Franko Fish Identification Cards showing lots of detail including beaches, reefs, streets and landmarks!
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 Zwick's Cozumel Chart (Island Map)
The original hand drawn, detailed historic reference chart of Cozumel Island is back and available only through Cozumelinsider.
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I thought I would let you know that my maps were in my mailbox yesterday when I got home. I looked them over quickly and they look awesome!!!† I can't wait to look them over really well this weekend!!!† Perfect service Jacqueline you have been wonderful to deal with, I thank you for your patience in answering all my questions and the maps only took 5 days to get to me!!!† WOW what a great system you have, and after a hurricane that tore you all apart I still got service like this.....BRAVO!!!! You will be recommended to everyone I hear is heading your way!!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, I can't wait for Feb. to come meet you or your employees!!! K & J Steiskal ~ Owatonna, MN

I got my beautiful map today and it is great -- thanks! It is for hanging on the wall in my daughter's room. They both look forward to visiting Cozumel again some day if we can. Kay H. ~ St. Louis, MO

Thank you very much - I got my map yesterday and it's everything that was promised - I'm most pleased! R. Metituk ~ Wembley, Canada

Just received my beautiful map yesterday in the mail. The shipping was extremely fast and the laminated map is just wonderful. Although I know my way around pretty well, I like to have a reference just in case. I can't wait to use it when I am in Cozumel next month. Thanks! Natalie N ~ Memphis, TN USA

I am delighted to say that I received my maps today, and love them. Thanks for a great website. Hope to sign up for the 45-minute Dolphin Encounter as soon as our trip is coordinated. K. Roberts ~ Waco, TX
Cozumel / Mexican Caribbean Reef Creatures ID Cards
Cozumel Reef Creaturess ID Card
The first of a series of Caribbean Reef Creatures fish cards is this one of Cozumel (6" x 9"). On side one there are fish - lots and lots of colorful, tropical, Caribbean fish, plus invertebrates, sponges, and corals. There are over 100 species shown.

There are big fish like the nurse shark, tiny fish like the blue chromis, and middle-size fish like the princess parrotfish. There are fat ones like the blue parrotfish, skinny ones like the trumpetfish, sleek ones like the cero, box-shaped ones like the spotted trunkfish, round ones like the spotfin butterflyfish, wide ones like the eagle ray, and much more. Then there are colorful sponges and corals. The cutest one of all may be the seahorse. The scariest thing on the card is probably the fire coral. The list is almost like a top-100 of favorite critters in Cozumel waters.

Technically, all of these fish are depicted on side two of this fish card. On side one the main feature is a mini-map of Cozumel, taken from The Franko Map of Cozumel. It shows the name and location of Cozumel’s principle dive sites, plus a few more fish (there wasn’t enough room on the other side of the fish card for all of them!).

The second in the series features Mexican Caribbean Reef Creatures (4" x 6").

Both cards are made of stiff, laminated plastic, with a hole for a lanyard.

Take them snorkeling or scuba diving with you!
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