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Atlantis Submarines Cozumel Adventure
If you want to experience the waters and marine life of Cozumel up close and personal and would like an alternative to swimsuits, stay drive and forego the "in-the-water" ocean experience, try the Atlantis Submarines Cozumel Adventure Expedition as this excursion tops the list for viewing the stunning beauty of Cozumel's underwater world without getting wet! Featuring a forty-eight (48) passenger submarine, Atlantis XII will provide you a truly unique experience. You will quickly see why Cozumel remains one (1) of the top dive destinations in the world. Diving to depths of up to 100 feet, the Atlantis submarine brings you up close and personal with Cozumel's top attraction, Chankanaab Coral Reef which is an incredible section of the second largest reef system in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System.

Atlantis Submarines Cozumel The Chankanaab Coral Reef is part of a protected underwater marine park established along the west coast of Cozumel to protect the delicate balance of its dazzling coral and countless species of tropical fish. The ocean currents help maintain crystal clear visibility of up to 200 feet on most days. While on this comfortable, safe submarine voyage to the ocean floor, look out the extra-large viewing ports of the Atlantis XII submarine and enjoy the wonders of the deep.

Your submarine dive adventure will begin when you board the ferry vessel Ana that will take you on a twelve (12) minute cruise along Cozumelís west coast to board your submarine. Upon arriving at the Chankanaab Coral Reef dive site, you are transferred to the Atlantis XII submarine where you will have the opportunity to view the incredible underwater paradise through large windows in air-conditioned comfort. You will marvel at the huge variety of tropical fish including parrotfish, grunts, and groupers as your captain expertly navigates through magnificent thirty (30) foot coral heads and travels along sea walls teeming with marine life, all from the cool, air-conditioned comfort of your sub.

Throughout your submarine voyage an informative, live narration is provided by an experienced co-pilot who will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, you do not want to forget your cameras as you will experience "once-in-a-lifetime" glances into this amazing undersea world. After a forty (40) minute dive the Atlantis XII submarine will resurface where the ferry vessel is waiting to return to the Atlantis Submarines Cozumel pier.

We invite you to experience why Cozumel is one (1) of the top five (5) scuba and snorkeling diving destinations in the world. Your submersion 100 feet underwater as you enjoy the magic onboard a real US Coast Guard Certified Atlantis submarine while you experience this underwater journey of our incredible Chankanaab Coral Reef in Cozumel will be the highlight of your island visit.

Take a quick peek of what you will experience on your Atlantis Submarine Expedition in this video!

Activity Specifics

Name: Atlantis Submarines Cozumel Adventure
Provider: Atlantis Submarines Cozumel
Includes: Complimentary rum or fruit punch during the adventure.
Total Time: Approximately 1.5 Hours. Underwater sub tour lasts 40 minutes
Schedule: Monday thru Saturday
Open from 9:00am to 2:00pm EST (NEW Island Time)

Tours start at: 9:00am EST, 10:00am EST, 11:00am EST, 12:00pm EST and 1:00pm EST (NEW Island Time)
Pricing: Adults - US$ 105
Children - US$ 65 (4 to 12 years old)


NOTE: Does NOT include $2.50 Marine Park Fee which must be paid in cash upon check-in.
Restrictions: Children must be over 3 feet tall to participate and are a minimum age of 4 years old.
Wheelchair guests may participate if they are able to safely navigate a 7-step ladder into and out of the submarine.

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Our Captains Ensure an Incredible Experience!
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Patiently Awaiting to Board Atlantis!
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Wow - Look at the Sting Rays!
Personal Experiences
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March, 2007- Wanted to report back about our excursions you booked for us. We loved the
submarine tour. Being able to go down 100' was incredibly exciting! We saw a
turtle and a few large groupers. The reefs were really beautiful, so glad
we did this. Jennifer Lansing ~ Palo Verdes Estate, California

We just returned from our Cruise and wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for booking the Atantis for us. It was a great excursion at a great price and a smooth transaction. Thanks Again. Richard and Andrea ~ Vero Beach, Florida

What a great Experience!!! We booked our excursions through this website with a slight bit of apprehension. We figured it would be safer to book through our cruise ship since this was our first time going to Cozumel. Boy am I so thankful we didn't. Our cruise ship (which we thoroughly enjoyed) had many excursions organized with tons of people in each excursion. By booking through Cozumel Insider we were definitely given smaller groups to be with. We did the Atlantis Submarine excursion that we booked and payed 79 dollars for BOTH my wife and I. It was 89 PER PERSON on our Carnival Cruise ship. We saved almost 100 dollars right there!!! Next year we will definitely book through Cozumelinsider, we will recommend this company to all our friends, Dr. Marvin Carson ~ Tullahoma, Tennessee
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