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Cozumel Beaches - "Playa Palancar Beach"

Established: 1990
Cuisine: Snacks, Mexican & Seafood

The restaurant's specialty is ~ of course ~ seafood! While ceviche mixtos, shrimp and lobster are very popular, the house "specialty" is "filete al mojo de ajo" which is a grilled fish fillet basted with a delicious garlic sauce. Give it a try ~ you might actually get addicted to the pace of island living here!
Amenities: Entry Fee; Snorkeling (Poor); Snorkel Equipment Rental; Beach Diving; Jet Skis; Parasailing; Kayaks; Massage; Shade; Beach Chairs; Hammocks; Restaurant/Bar; Handicap Accessible; Restrooms (Average); Showers; and Lockers.
Hours: Daily
9:00am to 5:00pm EST (Island Time)
Location: Carretera Costera Sur Km 19.5
This is the final accessible southern beach area on the western side of the island.
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Palancar beach is one of the most beautiful sand beaches lined with palm trees where you can truly enjoy the quiet, natural setting away from "party" crowds.

Playa Palancar is an excellent beach choice if you want that great Caribbean island flavor! This is the kind of place Jimmy Buffet would hang out if he were here in Cozumel! It's far enough away from all the other island activities that it has a charm all its own and isn't TRYING to be so commercial. You get the feeling that operating this beach is a way of life for the staff...not just a job. Everything is easy and laid back as it should be ~ including the service, so if you're in a hurry ~ don't go there!

Playa Palancar sits very near a marshy mangrove area which is a magnet for natural wildlife. At the entrance of the beach area there is a large fenced lagoon area where resident crocodiles can be seen basking in the sun as well as flamingos and other birds from time to time. This is a huge sand dune beach with plenty of lounge chairs, coconut tree shade, umbrellas and multiple "hammock palapas" where one can just "hang" and relax in addition to volleyball!

The world famous Palancar reef sits right in front of this beach but of course is a bit far out to swim, snorkel or scuba from shore. The beach's shallow sandy bottom area extends outward a good 70 meters before beginning to get deeper so you can swim and snorkel this area easily.

This beach is pretty far south so the taxi ride will probably run $20 or so per 4 persons one way ~ well worth the trip though!

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